Tabara Azuga

Reluarea taberelor de ski și snowboard cu unul dintre prietenii și partenerii noștri Gabriel Teodorescu, îmi amintește mereu de cel mai dezbătut subiect in lumea sporturilor extreme de iarna 😊😁

“Skiing is easier to learn but harder to master – whereas snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master.”

Ceea ce ma preocupa cel mai mult in cadrul taberelor este cum afectează aceasta copiii.

Trebuie sa stiti:

  • Cu schiul, pentru un începător tehnica poate fi defalcată într-o abordare modulară, dar perfecționarea vă cere să deveniți extrem de tehnic.
  • Cu snowboard-ul, totul este să te urci pe placă- aceasta este partea cea mai grea, dar odată obținut acest lucru, ai dobandit deja tehnica fundamentală a sportului – și poți atinge un nivel destul de impresionant destul de repede, mai ales dacă ești îndrăzneț.

Why ski / snowboard?

Children involved in outdoor sports discover new things about themselves and the environment. Due to the physical movement involved in skiing and snowboarding, children have the opportunity to gain greater control over the body, continually seeking to keep it in balance when sliding on slope. At the same time, they have the opportunity to develop their motor qualities and to consolidate their poorly developed or acquired motor skills.
The little skiers get their body moving, their heart and their lungs working as they learn how to master the skis or snowboard. Exercise throughout the day improves the health of the cardiovascular system and, moreover, they will look at it as a fun, without noticing that they work or make a great effort.
Every time they learn something new, the little skiers gain more self-confidence, especially when they go a new route without falling or unbalancing. It gives them the confidence and enthusiasm to accept new challenges more easily.
Believe it or not, skiing is a friendly sport, with various social rules. Children need to respect other skiers and learn to interact with others appropriately.

What is the recommended age to start skiing / snowboarding?

Some ski schools prefer to work with children from 3 years old, but we recommend learning these sports from 4-5 years old.
It should be borne in mind that they will ski 2-2.5 hours for a few consecutive days equipped for ski / snowboarding, which is not at all attractive or comfortable.

The advantages of practicing skiing / snowboarding

If you’ve ever skied, then you know that skiing requires a tremendous amount of dedication and perseverance. If a skier gave up after a simple fall, he would not move a few meters from the ski chalet!
Perseverance is a plus that kids learn when skiing / snowboarding, turning around and trying again!
It has been shown that young people who participate in outdoor physical activities, such as skiing and snowboarding, have a higher academic performance than their peers.
Physical activity leads to increased brain functioning, with concrete connections between increased brain activity and the power of concentration and memory.
Small athletes quickly forget about their screens, phones or TV, when there is so much fun in the open air. They will spend most days outdoors, on a snow-covered mountain.
Plus, in comparison to most sports, skiing / snowboarding are sports where initiation and evolution are largely dependent on the mental power of each individual to overcome.

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